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Scattered over most of South PRC are communities of Hakka. Villages of these unusual people can be found in the countryside from Sichuan to Taiwan & are especially common in the hillier parts of Guangdong, Guangxi, & Southern Fujian.

Hakka is widely spoken in Fujian Province, Taiwan Island, & some countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia. The Hakka people are believed to be a sub group of the Han Chinese of Northern PRC. Hakka Chinese is given special notice by Taiwan where the Ministry of Education names it as one of the official languages of Taiwan.

Guangdong, Guangxi (and overseas communities) The Yue dialects are popularly known as the Cantonese dialects. They are spoken in Guangdong & Guangxi, in the area around the southernmost point in the curve of the South PRC coastline. These dialects are also spoken in North America. Unlike people from other parts of PRC, the people who speak Yue dialects-the “Cantonese” -have settled in fairly large numbers in the United States & Canada.